Caltha LLP provides expert consultant and permitting support to facilities in Minnesota with aboveground storage tanks (AST). Under Federal and Minnesota laws (including the Minnesota Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharge Preparedness Law), stationary tanks, mobile tanks, oil-filled equipment, electrical equipment and transport vehicles containing oils, fuels or hazardous materials can be subject to rules relating to spill preparedness, response, secondary containment and employee training, and other requirements.

Federal rules relating to oil storage, contained in the SPCC Rule, 40 CFR 112, apply to a wide range of operations, including manufacturing, industrial, municipal, commercial, retail, some agricultural operations and farms, construction sites.

Oil Spill and Contaminated Soil Identified During Phase 1 Environmental Inspection


Typical services Caltha provides to facilities in Minnesota include:

  • Preparation of SPCC Plan (40 CFR 112)
  • Determination of spill reporting requirements – When do I need to report a spill to the Minnesota State Duty Officer?
  • Minnesota Statute chapter 115E, the Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharge Preparedness Law, (“Minnesota Spill Bill”) compliance
  • Facility compliance reviews or audits
  • Above ground tank registration, AST permitting
  • SPCC training required under SPCC Rule
  • Determination of affected employees – who needs SPCC training?
  • Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Response Plans
  • RCRA Contingency Plan
  • Routine SPCC inspections


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