On May 30th, 2017, new hazardous waste generator rules become effective in Iowa. These new hazardous waste regulations effect all sizes of hazardous waste generators, from very small businesses generating only a minimal quantity of waste each month to large facilities, regulated as “large quantity generators” or LQG.

Click here for an overview of the new hazardous waste generator rules

Caltha LLP provides hazardous waste training to facilities in Iowa who are affected by these new rules. Training can include:

  • Annual employee training for staff handling and managing hazardous waste
  • Basic hazardous waste management training for Small and Very Small Quantity Generators
  • Spill and Emergency Response training required by RCRA contingency plans
  • Basic spill and emergency response for responding to incidental spills in the workplace
  • SPCC annual training
  • Triennial DOT HazMat certification training for employees who ship wastes

Visit the Employer’s Environmental Health and Safety Training Center page for further information and to request a quote for training services

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