Who Needs A Hazardous Waste Licence?

Actually, only local regulations will determine of businesses need a hazardous waste “licence”, often issued by city,  county or State agencies. Federal rules do not require a licence.

Commercial - Industrial Waste Dumping On Property Observed During Phase 1 ESA

Commercial – Industrial Waste Dumping On Property


If Not A Licence, What Do I Need?

There are other types of authorizations or notifiactions that might be required; these are sometimes mistakenly referred to as a “licence”. Some of the common requirements are for:

Whether any of these are required for an individual location will depend on a number of factors, including how much waste is generated, how often waste is generated, and specific requirements in State and local regulations.

Caltha LLP assists hazardous waste generators in applying for hazardous waste generator licence, permit or obtaining an EPA ID number, developing hazardous waste management programs, providing employee hazardous waste training and waste reduction / waste minimization consulting.

Flammable Hazardous Waste Storage

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