US EPA has updated the standard form waste generators use to obtain a facility EPA ID number and provide notification and updates to regulated waste activities at their location.

Mislabeled Mercury Waste Drum Identified During waste Audit

Mislabeled Mercury Waste Drum Identified During RCRA Audit

What Is Waste Notification Form Used For?

EPA Form 8700-12 is the document used to obtain an EPA ID number, which is a 12-character number used by states and EPA to track hazardous waste activities. This form is also used to update changes in site information (e.g., changes in site contact information, types of hazardous waste managed, cessation of regulated activity at a site, etc.). With the exception of very small quantity generators (VSQGs), a generator of hazardous waste must obtain an EPA ID number before it can manage (i.e., treat, store, dispose, transport, or offer for transportation) hazardous waste, and generators (other than VSQGs) must use hazardous waste transporters and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities with EPA ID numbers.

Abandoned Chemical Products Stored In Lieu Of Disposal

Abandoned Chemical Products Stored In Lieu Of Disposal

What Is Required In New Waste Notification Form?

The Notification of RCRA Subtitle C Activities, EPA Form 8700-12 (i.e., the Site ID form) has been modified. Several additional data fields that support the various new notifications required by the November 28, 2016, hazardous waste generator improvements rule  and the import-export rule.


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