EPCRA 302/311/312 reports (“Tier II Reports”) are due on an annual basis to the State and Local Emergency Planning Committee and local emergency response agencies, such as the fire department. The information provided is used in the evident of an emergency, such as a fire, to evaluate potential chemical and other hazards at the property, and to select appropriate protection equipment and fire fighting techniques. EPCRA reporting facilities disclose the types, quantities and locations of hazardous materials. Facilities also provide with Safety Data Sheets for each material.

There are separate reporting requirement for hazardous materials (any material that requires a Safety Data Sheet under OSHA rules) and Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) which are a specific chemicals listed by US EPA. A very common example of one such EHS is sulfuric acid.

When are Tier 2 reports due in Minnesota?
The Tier Two report is due March 1 of each year and is based on chemicals stored at your site during the previous calendar year. Reporting can be completed by using the Tier Two Manager Software.

Caltha LLP provides technical support to facilities in Minnesota that submit reports under EPCRA 311 and EPCRA 312.
Click here for a summary of some recent changes to EPCRA Tier II reporting requirements

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