Caltha offers Phase 1 Environmental Assessments  and Phase 2 Environmental Assessments at a very competitive cost for sites across Wisconsin. Site assessments and site inspections are routinely conducted in cities across Wisconsin, including:

    • Milwaukee Metropolitan Area
    • Madison, Wisconsin
    • Green Bay, Wisconsin
    • Duluth/Superior, Wisconsin
    • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    • Lacrosse, Wisconsin
    • Appleton, Wisconsin
    • Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
    • All other areas of the State


Leaking Hydraulic System On Trash Compactor Identified During Combined SWPPP SPCC Inspection

Leaking Hydraulic System On Trash Compactor


Click here for more Caltha project examples related to environmental site assessments, including Phase 1 ESA, Phase 2 site investigations, and site cleanup. Click here to review more project examples for facilities located in Wisconsin and Wisconsin regulatory updates.

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