Many sites might be required to prepare and implement a SPCC Plan, in addition to other related plans such as a SWPPP Plan,  PPC Plan. RCRA Contingency Plan, Emergency Response Plan, Slug Control Plan, Total Toxic Organics Management Plan, Solvent Management Plan or others.

What Is An SPCC Plan?

An SPCC Plan, or Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plan, is a specific type of spill prevention and response plan. SPCC Plans are required under the federal Oil Pollution Control Act, and the requirements for the plan are specified in 40 CFR 112 (“SPCC Rule”). The SPCC Plan will detail how the facility complies with the requirements of the SPCC Rule, including secondary containment, spill prevention procedures, employee training and spill response actions.

Do I Need An SPCC Plan?

Any industrial, commercial, municipal or retail facility, or construction site could potentially require an SPCC Plan. In order to determine if SPCC Rules apply to an individual site, an inventory of oil and fat containing vessels, which may include oil-filled equipment, must be made. The results are compared to the SPCC threshold of 1,320 gallons total oil storage capacity. If the site exceeds the threshold, a SPCC Plan needs to be prepared and the site needs to comply with other aspects of the SPCC Rule.


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