Environmental Due Diligence and Environmental Review both require a great deal of experience and a broad knowledge of environmental liabilities and environmental impacts. Caltha only assigns our most experienced staff to conduct environmental due diligence and review.

Environmental Due Diligence
Clients and their legal team use Caltha to provide fast and reliable environmental due diligence. Due diligence tasks can include any combination of All Appropriate Inquiry, Phase I ESA, corporate liability evaluation, off-site liability assessment, and regulatory compliance audits. We help the due diligence team to determine what tasks are appropriate for the transaction. We also help interpret the results to determine if issues need to be addressed before closure, or can be handled through purchase agreements, environmental escrow accounts or other means.
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Caltha offers Phase 1 ESAs at a very competitive cost for any site in any State. We also offer rapid response Phase I Environmental Assessments over selected geographic areas, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska & Illinois. In these areas, Caltha can often complete ESAs in approximately five business days, subject to availability and an added expedited ESA fee.

Note that in 2013, ASTM revised the Standard Practice for conducting a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. As of November 2013, Caltha is using the new ASTM E 1527-13 method.

CLICK HERE to review a summary of the changes to the ASTM Phase 1 requirements in the draft ASTM E 1527-13.


Environmental Liability Estimate
Using some specialized tools, Caltha will develop projections of environmental liabilities associated with acquisitions, sales or facility closures. This typically includes the development of environmental liability cost curves and probability estimates. Environmental liability projections can incorporate liabilities associated on-site contamination, off site contamination, waste vendor and disposal site liabilities, and regulatory compliance liabilities.
Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Support
Companies going through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures rely on Caltha to provide high quality technical support to address environmental liabilities. Caltha will also assess facility closure requirements and develop a Facility Closure Plan for tasks needing to be completed to close out operations, including terminating permits, closing waste storage areas, removal of tanks, etc.
Environmental Assessment Worksheet, Environmental Impact Assessment
Caltha offers expert technical resources to conduct environmental reviews and environmental impact assessments. Caltha staff have prepared numerous environmental assessment worksheets (EAW) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for proposed projects, and has experience working with most State environmental review regulations.
NEPA Compliance and State Environmental Review

NEPA established a supplemental mandate for Federal agencies to consider the potential environmental consequences of their proposals, document the analysis, and make this information available to the public for comment prior to implementation. Although NEPA applies directly to Federal agencies, other public and private entities can be affected by NEPA, if they wish a Federal agency to take action that requires environmental review. Caltha supports a range of clients in meeting NEPA requirements, including meeting documentation requirements for Categorical Exemptions from NEPA and State environmental review requirements.

Caltha has experience with environmental review under various State rules, including New York, North Carolina, Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB), Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act (WEPA) and others.


Caltha posts write-ups on selected projects on our web site. You can view an archive of past project summaries for this service area by clicking on one of the general project categories listed below:

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