The Great Lakes Interagency Task Force has scheduled meetings for the public to provide input to a planned update of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan.

The updated Action Plan would direct Great Lakes restoration for fiscal years 2015-2019. The public may comment directly to the federal agencies and to the Great Lakes Advisory Board (GLAB), a panel of experts established to provide recommendations to the federal agencies. Comments may be given at any of the following scheduled meetings:

•May 21-22 – Great Lakes Advisory Board Inaugural Meeting & Public Comment to GLAB
•May 23 – Webinar
•May 28 – Buffalo, New York.
•May 30 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
•June 3 – Webinar
•June 5 – Cleveland, Ohio.

In February 2010, the Task Force released the GLRI Action Plan for FY2010-2014. The Action Plan identified goals, objectives, measurable ecological targets, and specific actions to help rehabilitate the Great Lakes. The Action Plan targets investments to reduce toxic contamination, rehabilitate fish and wildlife habitat, improve nearshore health, reduce nutrients and other land-based pollution, prevent invasive species, and promote accountability, education, and collaboration.

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