Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Total Toxic Organics Management Plan For Metal Finisher
Client: Metal Finishing Company
Location(s): Minnesota

Key Elements: Total Toxic Organics Management Plan, SPCC Plan

Overview: This metal finishing was subject to Categorical Effluent Guidelines. In lieu of monitoring wastewater discharges for the full list of “Total Toxic Organics” the facility opted to prepare and implement a Total Toxic Organic Management Plan (TTOMP) for the site. Caltha was contracted to prepare the TTOMP for the facility. The TTOMP included:
• Inventory and description of TTO compounds used in the electroplating or finishing processes, and degreasing processes;
• Inventory and description of regulated processes where TTO compounds are used;
• Description of disposal methods for materials and wastes that contain TTO compounds;
• Description of controls used to limit or eliminate the discharge of TTO compounds to the sanitary sewer.

Spilled Corrosive Liquid From Aboveground Tank

Spilled Corrosive Liquid From Aboveground Tank


The TTOMP was combined with a Facility Spill Plan which included processes and containers not specifically addressed under the Effluent Guidelines. Caltha prepared a spill control plan for the site to minimize and control spills from areas where liquids are stored, transferred and used. The spill plan included:
1. Inventory and description of chemical storage and process tanks;
2. Description of batch discharges to sanitary sewer;
3. Description of controls and procedures to prevent entry of chemicals and other restricted materials and wastes from entering the sanitary sewer;
4. Emergency notification procedures;

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