The California Water Board has released an update regarding the status of the State Water Board’s reissuance of the NPDES General Permit for the Discharge of Storm Water associated with Industrial Activities (Industrial General Permit, or IGP).

State Water Board staff are working to address the comments  received on the previous draft of the Industrial General Permit released on July 16, 2012. The Board expects to release a final draft of the Industrial General Permit, its attachments and supporting documents by April 2013.  They also plan to post  responses to the comments received in October 2012.  This final draft will be opened for a public comment period of least 45 days. The State Water Board also plans to hold a formal workshop on May 8, 2013, where the board will accept oral comments.

After the close of the public comment period staff expect to review the new comments, revise the permit as necessary, and queue it up the revised General permit for the State Water Board’s consideration during Summer 2013.

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