In July 16, 2012, the California State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) published its third draft of its proposed “General Permit For Storm Water Discharges Associated With Industrial Activities, NPDES No. CAS000001” or “IGP”. This permit covers stormwater discharges from certain types of industrial and “industrial-like” operations that are required to have a stormwater discharge NPDES permit. NPDES permits, including general permits, are typically reissued on a 5-year cycle. However, the current IGP has been in effect since 1997.

The proposed permit includes numerous significant changes to the compliance requirements in California. These changes are in response to new Federal requirements for industrial stormwater discharges (most notably the 2008 EPA Multisector General Permit, or MSGP), changes recommended by State Water Board staff, recommendations from a “blue ribbon panel of experts” convened in 2005-2006, and several court actions.

Read a Regulatory Briefing on the Draft California Industrial Permit

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