Caltha staff are stormwater experts, having worked with stormwater permitting and development of stormwater discharge permit compliance programs and SWPPP since the first stormwater rules were drafted in the 1980s. With this deep foundation in the stormwater rules, Caltha provides expert and cost effective storm water consultant services to clients across the US. One of the key compliance elements is development of an Employee Training Program. Based on an individual employees job responsibilities, different level of training may be required, included training certification. Caltha provides stormwater training in a number of flexible formats, including “train the trainer”. Caltha also offers “real time” web-based training. Trainees log into a webinar format at their own work station and can interact with the trainer in real time. Training sessions are individualized for each facility. For more information on options available for EH&S training and to request a quote, go to Caltha’s Employer Environmental Health & Safety Training Center

SWPPP and Solid Waste Controls At Large Residential Construction Project

SWPPP and SWPPP Training For Residential Site Construction

Caltha also maintains a library of stormwater permit compliance plan templates to assist permitted sites in developing and managing their overall compliance program. Compliance plan templates incorporate State-specific requirements, such as inspections, monitoring, reporting and training, and provide an easy way to allocate resources and to develop a compliance tracking system. Caltha also conducts Non Stormwater Discharge Evaluations and provides Non Stormwater Discharge Certifications.

Click here to review example projects for SWPPP training in Minnesota and elsewhere.


SWPPP and stormwater pollution prevention plans

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