Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Spill Prevention & Response Plan
 Public School District

Key Elements: Spill Prevention & Response Plan, spill procedures, spill notification, wellhead protection zone

Overview: Caltha LLP was retained by this Independent School District to prepare a Spill Prevention & Response Plan for a planned Vehicle Maintenance & Storage Facility. The facility was located near a wellhead protection zone and was planning to use infiltration for stormwater management; therefore a plan was needed to reduce the risk of chemical and fuel spills which could enter the infiltration basins.

Caltha prepared a Spill Prevention & Response Plan based on the hazardous material inventory statement (HMIS) for the new facility. The plan identified key spill risk scenarios and developed mitigations to reduce the likelihood and potential impact of spills. The spill assigned responsibilities for prevention and response actions and developed guidelines for internal and external notifications. A training plan was also included in the final plan.

Diesel Tank In Basement Level of Manufacturing Plant

Indoor Diesel Tank In Basement Level of Manufacturing Plant


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