Update: The revised Maryland industrial permit became effective January 1, 2014. Caltha has updated our Maryland SWPPP Template and Compliance Plan to align with the new requirements of this permit. Caltha is currently working with numerous facilities across Maryland to update their permit compliance programs to comply with the permit conditions and effluent limitations included in this new permit.


Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is issuing a draft General Permit Number 12-SW of stormwater discharges from industrial facilities. MDE has chosen to base the state’s permit on the EPA’s Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP).

The draft permit will replace the General Permit Number 02-SW that was issued for a five-year term on December 1, 2002. The General Permit 02-SW expired on November 30, 2007 but was administratively continued for facilities that were covered under the permit at the time it expired. The final permit is expected to be issued in early 2013.

Read a summary of the key changes to the Maryland General Permit.

Caltha LLP maintains a library of SWPPP templates to meet general permit requirements for individual States, including Maryland.  Once the revised permit is finalized, Caltha will update the Maryland SWPPP template  and Compliance Plan for NPDES General Permit Number 12-SW to meet any new requirements and will use this to support our clients located in Maryland that are subject to this general permit.

For more information on Caltha LLP SWPPP services, go to the Environmental Health & Safety Plan | Spill Plan Information Request Form.

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