For industrial facilities covered under the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division (EPD) NPDES General Permit GAR050000 (2012 IGP) Authorization to Discharge Storm Water Associated with Industrial Activity, an Annual Report is due by January 31 each year. The Annual Report Form requires the permitted facility to certify that they have completed the required compliance tasks associated with their industrial sector, which may include:

  • Certification that the facility has a current Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that includes all elements required by the 2012 IGP
  • Certification that the Quarterly Inspections and the Annual Comprehensive Site Evaluation were conducted
  • Certification that the facility has inspected for the presence of non-storm water discharges and document findings in the SWPPP
  • Certification that facility has performed a smoke, dye or equivalent test
  • Certification that the facility has conducted all required sector specific benchmark annual sampling, and provided a summary of the results
  • Certification that the facility has reviewed EPD’s most current 305(b)/303(d) impaired stream segment list to determine if facility is discharging within one mile of any segment listed as impaired and list of approved TMDLs for the current year
  • Certification that the facility has conducted impaired water discharge sampling if required in Appendix C of the Permit

Caltha provides technical support to industrial dischargers across Georgia to assist in development of compliance programs to meet State requirements. For further information go to:

Storm Water Permitting & Compliance Services Page

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