Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Multi-media Environmental Compliance Audit
Client: Chemical Repackaging Plant
Location(s): Georgia

Key Elements: Compliance audit

Overview: Caltha preformed a multimedia compliance audits for this chemical mixing and repackaging operation located near Atlanta, Georgia. The scope of the audit included Federal, State, County and City requirements in addition to company policies and industry standards applicable to the operations environmental aspects. Regulatory programs addressed in the audit included:

Hazard Communication

EPCRA 311-312,

Hazardous and Solid Waste Management
Federal RCRA rules
State waste rules
Universal waste rules

Clean Air Act
Federal air emission rules
Federal NESHAP standards
Federal RMP rule
Site air emission permit
State air emission rules

Clean Water Act
Authorized/Unauthorized Discharges
Stormwater Discharge NEC compliance
SPCC Rule Compliance
Spill Notification and Reporting
Federal Industrial pretreatment rules
Industrial discharger permit

Current registration
Inventory Update Rule IUR Reporting
Chemical Data Rule CDR Reporting

Aboveground tank rules
Underground tank rules

Aboveground Product Vessels

Aboveground Product Vessels

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