The Washington DC District Department of the Environment (DDOE) has released its revised rules and has requested public comments on its Proposed Rulemaking for a Stormwater Fee Discount Program, published in the October 5, 2012 issue of the DC Register. The provisions in this rule will allow District water and sewer ratepayers to receive a discount of up to 55% of the stormwater fee that appears on their DC Water bill, by installing measures that retain or prevent stormwater runoff.

This is the second revision that DDOE has proposed to rules to establish a Stormwater Fee Discount Program. DDOE’s first proposal was published in the DC Register on July 29, 2011, and was made available for a 30-day public comment period. DDOE received comments from a wide array of stakeholders and individuals, and has revised the Proposed Rules to incorporate a number of the comments and suggestions provided. The public comment period on the Proposed Rules is open through November 4, 2012.

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