The draft IGP has established numeric action levels or NALs, which are similar to “benchmark concentrations” used in the EPA 2008 MSGP and in other States. The IGP contains two types of NALs. Annual NALs function similarly to, and are based upon, the values provided in the EPA 2008 MSGP. Instantaneous maximum NALs target hot spots or episodic discharges of pollutants and were calculated based on past California industrial storm water discharge monitoring data. The draft IGP adds the requirement to have certain tasks performed by a Qualified Industrial
Storm Water Practitioner (or QISP).

Click link below to review a two-page Regulatory Briefing

Draft California Industrial Stormwater Permit Summary

Click here to review examples of Caltha storm water permitting and SWPPP projects. Click here to review other Caltha projects in California and CA regulatory updates.

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