In the revised General Industrial stormwater discharge permit issued in September 2016, Pennsylvania DEP has updated the requirements for Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) Plan. The purpose for the update was to make the General Permit consistent with the current language being used for individual NPDES permits for industrial stormwater discharges.

Fuel Loading Area Without Drainage Control

Fuel Loading Area Without Secondary Containment


Compared to the previous PAG-03 General Permit, several significant changes were made:

  1. removal of the requirement for engineering certification of PPC Plans every year for facilities subject to SARA Title III, Section 313, and
  2. requires annual review and update, if necessary, of the PPC Plan to be documented in the annual report.

In addition, a PPC Plan will be required as part of each complete NOI submission, including No Exposure Certification submissions.


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