EPA has published a Federal Register notice asking for public comments and recommendations on its National Enforcement Initiatives for FY2014-2016. The agency selects priority areas every three years in order to focus federal resources on the most important environmental problems where noncompliance is a significant contributing factor and where federal enforcement attention can make a difference. Comments must be received by February 27, 2013.

For FY 2011-2013, EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance has six national enforcement initiatives. The current initiatives are:

  • Municipal Infrastructure —addressing sewage discharges from combined sewer systems, sanitary sewer systems, and municipal separate storm sewer systems;
  • Mineral Processing —addressing hazardous waste at phosphoric acid facilities and high risk mineral processing sites;
  •  New Source Review —controlling emissions from coal fired utility sector, cement plants, glass plants, and acid production plants;
  • Air Toxics —addressing toxic emissions from high risk facilities by examining leak detection and repair (LDAR), flares, and excess emission sources;
  • Energy Extraction —addressing land-based natural gas extraction facilities, including corporate-wide evaluations; and
  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations —addressing animal waste discharges from large animal feeding facilities.

In addition to these sector-based approaches, EPA will focus a national initiative on a strategic area that would improve its ability to conduct its enforcement and compliance program.

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