The Pennsylvania DEP General Industrial Stormwater Permit General PAG-03 was revised in September 2016. This latest version of the permit updated the Best Management Practices (BMP) that apply to all industrial sectors to conform to the general BMPs contained in EPA’s most recent Multisector General Permit (MSGP), which was released in 2015.

Leaking Hydraulic System On Trash Compactor Identified During Combined SWPPP SPCC Inspection

Leaking Hydraulic System On Trash Compactor


The reissued General Permit identified several new BMPs to reduce pollutants in the stormwater discharges of industrial facilities and  expanded the 12 industrial sectors that were included in the prior version to 30 specific industrial sectors. The new BMPs requirements included:

  • Use of spill/overflow protection equipment,
  • Control discharges through secondary containment or treatment for open dumpsters and roll off boxes,
  • Install velocity dissipation devices at discharge sites, and
  • Maintain readily accessible spill kits in locations where spills may occur.

Because some of the new BMPs may not have been required for previously permitted facilities, DEP provided a one year “transition period” for any required BMPs that existing permittees must implement that were not part of the previous General Permit. DEP included a provision that alternatives to the sector-specific BMPs may be implemented, if authorized by DEP.

The deadline for implementing new BMPs is September 24, 2017.


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