Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Liquid Waste and Unused/Obsolete Product and Raw Material Disposal
Specialty chemical manufacturer
Location(s): Minnesota

Key Elements: Waste management, Liquid waste disposal, Corrosive liquid handling, Waste disposal notification

Overview: Caltha LLP assisted this specialty chemical manufacturer in characterizing and determining proper disposal options for a wide variety of unused products, raw materials and wastes which had been accumulated on-site. Products and raw materials were paired with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to assist in characterization of wastes, and in cases where the SDS was not adequate or reliable, coordinated testing of materials to characterize wastes. Caltha staff then identified potential waste handling and disposal options which included:

  • Return to vendors
  • On-site neutralization
  • Discharge to sanitary sewer with approval by sewer authority
  • Shipment off-site for processing and disposal at a permitted TSDF

Caltha staff then coordinated handling and disposal of the various waste streams based on the preferred option for each waste.

Abandoned Chemical Products Stored In Lieu Of Disposal

Abandoned Chemical Products Stored In Lieu Of Disposal


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