Caltha LLP provides expert consultant and technical support to private and public sector clients around the US relating to aquatic toxicology, water quality, water quality standards and state and federal rules. Caltha staff have the past experience preparing Federal water quality standards, ambient water quality criteria, aquatic life benchmarks, and provide ad hoc technical support to the regulated community. Caltha also provides specialized technical support to project teams needing this expertise. Caltha staff have provided specialized technical support for projects in all States.

Typical services Caltha provides relating to aquatic toxicology, water quality, and water standards and rules include:

  • Wastewater permitting support
  • Techncial support to industry sector organizations
  • Review and preparation of technical comments on proposed State and Federal Rules
  • Public testimony
  • Water quality data summaries and review
  • Technical review of proposed water quality standards
  • Water quality monitoring studies
  • Impaired waters designation review
  • Antidegradation review – compliance with antidegradation demonstration requirements
  • Site-specific water quality standards
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