The Ohio EPA adopted Ohio-specific universal waste rules allowing hazardous non-empty aerosol containers, hazardous antifreeze, hazardous paint and hazardous paint-related wastes to be classified and managed as a universal waste in Ohio. The rules will be effective on December 21, 2017. These rules will eventually be moved to Ohio Administrative Code chapter 3745-273.

This action designating waste that would otherwise be classified as hazardous waste as a universal waste promotes proper handling, recycling or disposal of the waste by streamlining the applicable regulations. The new Ohio-specific universal wastes will be subject to specific requirements detailed in the rule to address the risks the wastes may pose. The requirements include:

  • labeling,
  • tank and container standards,
  • limited treatment provisions,
  • accumulation time limits,
  • employee training requirements,
  • emergency response requirements and
  • transportation according to U.S. Department of Transportation rules.

Universal wastes do not count towards a generator’s monthly hazardous waste accumulation rate and they are not required to manifested as a hazardous waste in Ohio EPA or reported on the generator’s hazardous waste biennial report.

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