Technical Support To Address Stormwater Benchmark Exceedance for TSS, Iron, Zinc, Aluminum

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Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Consulting Support To Address Stormwater Benchmark Exceedance

Key Elements: Stormwater monitoring; MPCA stormwater permit compliance; Industrial storm water BMPs

Overview:  This manufacturer retained Caltha to provide technical support and guidance in addressing exceedance of MPCA industrial storm water benchmark concentrations. Monitoring data collected in Permit Cycle Year 2 exceeded limits for total suspended solids (TSS), zinc, iron and aluminum. Caltha staff reviewed past data, monitoring procedures and conducted a site inspection to determine root causes for the exceedance as part of a formal corrective action process. Based on recommendations, the facility began implementation of revised stormwater controls and began preparations for subsequent year 4 monitoring activities.

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