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Plant Management Environmental Awareness Training Module For Manufacturer

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Environmental Awareness / Sustainability Training Module For Facility Management
Grain Processing & Food Manufacturing Corporation 
Minnesota, North Dakota

Key Elements: Regulatory training, Sustainability, Permit compliance, Employee training, Webinar

Overview: Caltha LLP was retained by this grain processing and food manufacturing corporation to prepare and present a training module that provides corporate and facility managers with basic compliance training to assist them in managing EH&S compliance activities at multiple facilities. The training was developed to be specific to the corporation’s facilities and products and included:

  • Company’s commitment to sustainability / Sustainability policy
  • Background on environmental regulations and key issues at company’s locations
  • Overview of company’s key procedures

Training was created as a recorded live webinar which can be replayed as needed.

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Annual Storm Water Training Program For Employees At North Dakota Food Processing Plant

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Annual Employee Stormwater Training For Food Sector Facility
Food Sector SIC 20 Facility
North Dakota

Key Elements: Stormwater training, Permit compliance, Stormwater BMPs, Employee training, Webinar

Overview: Caltha LLP was retained by this food manufacturing company to prepare and present annual SWPPP training, as required under the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH) multisector general stormwater discharge permit. The training includes all required elements for employee training in the discharge permit:

  • Overview of discharge permit
  • Overview of the contents of the SWPPP;
  • Spill prevention and response procedures
  • Good housekeeping practices;
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Material management practices
  • Location and maintenance of on-site stormwater pollution prevention controls;
  • Operating procedures for preventing pollution; and
  • Inspection procedures and records maintenance.

Training was presented by “live” webinar to all affected employees by a qualified SWPPP trainer.

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RCRA and TSCA Compliance Audit For Multiple Facilities To Meet ISO 14001 Requirements

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Combined RCRA and TSCA PCB Management Audit For 26 Facilities
Electric Utility
Location(s): 26 locations

Key Elements: RCRA hazardous waste audit, TSCA PCB management, Used oil management, Universal waste management, ISO 14001

Overview: Caltha was retained to conduct a compliance audit of 26 facilities to assess compliance with:

  • EPA hazardous waste rules (40 CFR Part 260-262)
  • Minnesota hazardous waste rules (MPCA Chapter 7045)
  • North Dakota hazardous waste rules
  • Federal and State requirements for used oil management (40 CFR Part 279)
  • Federal and State requirements for universal waste management (40 CFR Part 273)
  • EPA Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requirements for PBC management (40 CFR Part 261)

Audits were conducted to satisfy ISO 14001 standards for scheduled audits, under ISO 14001 clause Audits were completed with a combination of records review and on-site inspections.

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Regulatory Compliance Audit and Due Diligence For Minnesota and North Dakota Food Manufacturing Plants

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Compliance Audit and Environmental Due Diligence For Minnesota and North Dakota Food Manufacturing Plants 
 International Food Manufacturing Industry 
Minnesota and North Dakota

Key Elements: Environmental Compliance Audit, Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Overview:  Caltha was retained by this multinational food manufacturer to conduct an environmental regulatory compliance audit and a Phase I ESA at two of its plants located near Minneapolis, Minnesota and near Bismarck, North Dakota. Compliance audits were conducted to assess compliance with EPA, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), and Hennepin County requirements in Minnesota, and EPA and North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH) requirements in North Dakota. Regulatory requirements evaluated included:

  • Clean Air Act,
  • Clean Water Act,
  • RCRA hazardous waste and solid waste requirements,
  • Emergency Preparedness and Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA) requirements,
  • Toxic Substance Control Act,
  • Above and underground tank requirements,
  • OSHA Hazard Communication.

Caltha also completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for both sites, in accordance with ASTM E1527-05.


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Approval of North Dakota SIP For Interstate Transport Requirements For Fine Particulate Matter

Monday, July 29th, 2013

EPA has approved portions of the North Dakota State Implementation Plan (SIP) submission that demonstrate that North Dakota meets certain interstate transport requirements of the Clean Air Act (CAA) for the 2006 fine particulate matter (PM2.5) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Specifically, EPA is approving the portion of the North Dakota SIP submission that addresses the CAA requirement prohibiting emissions from North Dakota sources from significantly contributing to nonattainment of the 2006 PM2.5 NAAQS in any other state or interfering with maintenance of the 2006 PM2.5 NAAQS by any other state. The final rule approving the SIP is effective August 28, 2013.

As background, in 2006 EPA promulgated a new NAAQS for PM2.5. By statute, SIPs meeting the “infrastructure” requirements of CAA are to be submitted by states within three years after promulgation of a new or revised standard. Among the infrastructure requirements are the “interstate transport” requirements.

The CAA identifies four elements related to the evaluation of impacts of interstate transport of air pollutants. In this action for North Dakota addresses the first two elements. This action does not address the two elements of the transport SIP provision regarding interference with measures required to prevent significant deterioration of air quality or to protect visibility in another state. EPA plans to address these elements in a separate rulemaking.

Extension of Comment Period For Reconsideration of Regional Haze Rule In North Dakota

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

On March 15, 2013, EPA initiated reconsideration of its approval of North Dakota’s best available retrofit technology (BART) emission limits for nitrogen oxides (NOX) for three coal-fired power plant units in North Dakota. The BART was part of the State Regional Haze State Implementation Plan. EPA is holding public hearings on May 15, 2013 to accept written and oral comments on this proposed action. The public hearings will be held at the North Dakota Department of Health, Environmental Training Center in Bismarck, ND

The comment period for this action was scheduled to close on May 14, 2013. To accommodate the public hearings, EPA has extended the comment period to June 17, 2013 to allow for a full 30-day public comment period for the submission of additional public comment following the public hearings.

Multi-media Environmental Compliance Audit For ISO 14001

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Multi-media Environmental Compliance Audit
Client: Equipment Manufacturer
Location(s): North Dakota

Key Elements: Compliance audit

Overview: Caltha preformed multimedia compliance audits for this equipment manufacturing operations located in North Dakota. Audit was completed to conform to the requirements of the operations’ ISO-14001 registration. The scope of the audit was determined by the listing of “legal and other requirements” prepared in conformance with clause 4.3.2 of the ISO standard, and included Federal and State requirements in addition to company policies and industry standards applicable to the operations environmental aspects.

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Corporate EH&S Staffing For Electronics Manufacturer

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Corporate EH&S Staffing
Client: Multi-national Electronics Manufacturer
Location(s): California, Arizona, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Key Elements: Staffing, Reporting, Permitting

Overview: Caltha provided temporary staffing to this Minnesota-based multi-national manufacturer to fill two key positions in the Corporate Environmental Health and Safety Services department. The positions required frequent interactions with facility EHS, engineering and plan management staff to address issues and questions, and provided reoccurring training required by regulations. Therefore, positions were staffed by Caltha with highly experienced EHS professionals that were capable of addressing a wide range of regulatory and technical issues with minimal support. Caltha staff prepared air emission inventory reports, EPCRA Tier 2 reports, TRI reports and other required submittals on behalf of facilities. Caltha staff also prepared air and wastewater permit applications for submittal. Caltha staff provided had 20 to 25 years of experience in the EHS field. Ultimately, the company was able to hire to fill these positions and Caltha staff were available to train the new hires during the transition.

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Pre-Acquisition Environmental Due Diligence Assessments

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence Assessment
Client: National Food Manufacturer
Location(s): Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota

Key Elements: Phase 1 ESA; Compliance audit

Overview: This project was performed for a Missouri-based national food manufacturer and was coordinated through a Washington, DC-based law firm. The scope of the assessment was to perform environmental due diligence for two facilities located in Minnesota and North Dakota they intended to acquire, and comprised of a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, performed in accordance with ASTM 1527-05, and a compliance audit to assess the current compliance of existing equipment and operations with applicable State and Federal regulations.

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