SWPPP Permit Compliance Program Development For Georgia Paper Products Plant

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Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Georgia Stormwater Permit Compliance Program Development
International Paper Products Sector Corporation

Key Elements: SWPPP Template, SWPPP Inspection Checklist, Stormwater Monitoring Plan, Permit Compliance Plan

Overview: Caltha LLP was selected as the stormwater consultant for this Georgia plant. Work was to develop the programs needed to comply with the Georgia EDP general industrial discharge permit, permit no. GAR050000. Caltha prepared the facility stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) using our Georgia SWPPP Template, prepared various site-specific forms and checklists, including quarterly inspection checklists, Annual Comprehensive Site Compliance Evaluation Report form, non-stormwater discharge certification, and other required forms.

For more information on Caltha LLP SWPPP services, go to the Environmental Health & Safety Plan | Spill Plan Information Request Form.

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