Caltha LLP maintains a library of SPCC Plan Templates developed to meet the above ground tank and spill prevention and response requirements of individual States and the Federal SPCC Rule. An SPCC Plan is require for any facility that exceeds an oil storage capacity of 1,320 gallons. Facilities potentially subject to the SPCC Rules (40 CFR 112) are not limited to industrial sites, but can include municipal, commercial, retail, institutional sites, construction sites, and even farms.


Incidental Workplace Spill – Waste Solvent, Hazardous Waste

The revised SPCC Rule now allows the use of streamlined SPCC plan formats if facilities meet certain criteria. These streamline SPCC Template plans do not need to be signed by a professional engineer in most States. Other SPCC plans may need to be reviewed and signed by an engineer.

Caltha LLP also provides SPCC training for companies subject to the SPCC Rule and conducts SPCC inspections.

Caltha prepares SPCC Plans for the following States: [Click on a State to request information and options]

Alaska SPCC Plan

Arkansas SPCC Plan

California SPCC Plan

Connecticut SPCC Plan

Florida SPCC Plan

Georgia SPCC Plan

Illinois SPCC Plan

Indiana SPCC Plan

Iowa SPCC Plan

Kansas SPCC Plan

Kentucky SPCC Plan

Louisiana SPCC Plan

Maine SPCC Plan

Massachusetts SPCC Plan

Michigan SPCC Plan

Minnesota SPCC Plan

Mississippi SPCC Plan

Nebraska SPCC Plan

Nevada SPCC Plan

New Jersey SPCC Plan

New York SPCC Plan

North Carolina SPCC Plan

North Dakota SPCC Plan

Ohio SPCC Plan

Oklahoma SPCC Plan

Oregon SPCC Plan

Pennsylvania SPCC Plan

South Carolina SPCC Plan

South Dakota SPCC Plan

Tennessee SPCC Plan

Texas SPCC Plan

Utah SPCC Plan

Virginia SPCC Plan

Washington SPCC Plan

Wisconsin SPCC Pla

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