What Is A Flammable Waste Trap?

A flammable waste trap is sometimes called an oil-water separator. It is typically located underground, often under the floor of a building. It is intended to retain low density liquids (usually oils and fuel) from wastewater so that they do not discharge to the sewer. Most often oil-water separators are connected to floor drains inside a building. Oil water separately must have oil removed periodically to remain operational.

Flammable Waste Trap / Oil Water Separator

Do Flammable Waste Traps, Oil Water Separators Need a Permit?

In most cases no. However, most sewer agencies require installation of oil water separators at higher risk businesses to prevent significant quantities of oil being discharged to the sewer. Therefore they are included in facility designs which are approved by local permitting authorities for sewer connection permits, but are not permitted separately.


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