Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Pre-Demolition Hazardous Material Survey For Historic Minneapolis, Minnesota Building
Client: Developer
Location(s): Minneapolis, Minnesota

Key Elements: Hazardous Material Survey, Demolition, Lead-based Paint Survey, Remediation oversight

Overview: Caltha was retained to conduct a lead based paint (LBP) and hazardous material survey for this historic building. The building had been in industrial use since 1906 and was being renovated in accordance with historic preservation guidelines. The hazardous material survey produced a detailed map of the building with the location of all regulated hazardous materials which need to be removed from the site prior to the commencement of demolition, in accordance with State laws. This included mercury-containing devises, PCB equipment, oil and fuel, lead acid batteries and other batteries. Lead based paint was also surveyed and a detailed map of LBP was prepared. Survey was then used by the redevelopment contractor to prepare the site for demolition and to comply with OSHA Lead In Construction standards.

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Soil Remediation In Basement of Historic Factory

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