FAQ: If I previously submitted a No Exposure Certification, does MPCA want me to resubmit for revised 2015 permit?

Written By: Caltha LLP | Published On: 16th August 2014 | Category: FAQ, Stormwater, Water | RSS Feed

FAQ: If I have previously submitted a No Exposure Certification (NEC) under the current 2010 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) General Industrial Stormwater Permit, do I need to resubmit an NEC under the new 2015 permit?

Yes; The current 2010 Industrial Stormwater Permit and Minnesota Rules require all existing NEC facilities to apply at least 180 days before Permit expiration.  The application period is July 7, 2014 through October 5, 2014, for all applicants; all No Exposure Certifiers need to reapply for NEC coverage before October 5, 2014.

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