Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Tier 2 Hazardous Material Reporting For Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa Manufacturer
Regional Manufacturing Company
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa

Key Elements: Tier II Report, Tier 2 threshold, Hazardous Material Inventory, EPCRA 311, EPCRA 312

Overview: Caltha LLP was selected to provide technical consultant services by this regional industrial corporation. Caltha staff provided technical support to six locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. The project included providing technical support and internal inventory summary forms to individuals at each of the locations to allow each to conduct a self inventory of hazardous materials which may require reporting to State and local agencies. Caltha staff then reviewed inventory sheets and determined which materials exceeded the Tier 2 threshold and required reporting. Caltha then prepared Tier 2 reports for each of the locations to be submitted to appropriate agencies.

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