Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Toxic Release Inventory Reporting, Submittal of Missing Reports and Resubmittal of Incomplete Past TRI Reports

Client: National Metal Products Manufacturer

Location(s): Minnesota

Key Elements:  TRI Reports, EPCRA Section 313 Chemicals, Submittal of Missing TRI Reports

Overview:  This Minnesota facility contracted with Caltha to review chemical usage records for prior years and past TRI reports submitted to EPA and the State of Minnesota. The facility was subject to annual TRI reporting under Section 313 of EPCRA, which included metals in raw materials and solvents used in cleanup processes. Caltha conducted a review of material processing and use data and past TRI calculation spreadsheets. Based on this review, it was determined that additional Section 313 chemicals need to be reported for the current year . Form R was completed using the US EPA CDX reporting system; the completed report was reviewed and submitted by the facility.

In addition, it was determined that some past TRI submittals were missing and/or were incomplete. Caltha provided technical support to self-report non-compliance with EPCRA reporting requirements and to resubmit corrected reports.

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