Environmental Compliance Audit For Equipment Manufacturer To Meet ISO 14001

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Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Scheduled Multimedia Compliance Audit
International Equipment Manufacturer

Key Elements: Compliance audit, State and Federal requirements, Air permit compliance, Waste management

Overview: Caltha Consultants was selected by this facility to conduct a routine environmental compliance audit. Audits were used to comply with the operation’s ISO 14001 environmental management system. The scope of the audit was based on the legal and other requirements identified for the operation. Key elements of the audit included:

  • Title V air emission permit, including NSPS and NESHAP requirements
  • Wastewater discharge permit, including categorical effluent standards
  • State and Federal hazardous waste generator requirements applicable to large quantity generators
  • Industrial stormwater discharge permit requirements
  • EPCRA reporting under 311, 312, 313
  • TSCA and PCB waste handling and disposal requirements,
  • Above ground tank requirements
  • Underground storage tank requirements,
  • Other

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