Caltha LLP provides expert technical support to organizations wishing to assess their current health and safety programs, evaluate their level of compliance with Federal and State requirements and to identify potential areas for improvements.

One of the key services Caltha provides in baseline safety audits. Audits can take place over one to several days and can be scoped to include a broad range of program elements, or can be focused on one or two key areas of interest.

Designated storage area for Flammable Liquids and Ignitable Hazardous Waste

Flammable Liquid and Ignitable Hazardous Waste Storage Room

Typical audit elements include:

1. Management Leadership and Employee Participation.
 Management leadership.
 Employee participation.
 Contractor safety.
2. Applicable Program Standards
 Process Safety Management Standard
 Lockout/Tagout Standard
 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
 Hazard Communication
 Others
3. Workplace Analysis.
 Survey and hazard analysis.
 Inspection.
 Reporting.
4. Accident and Record Analysis.
 Investigation of accidents and near-miss incidents.
 Data analysis.
5. Hazard Prevention and Control.
 Hazard control.
 Maintenance.
 Medical program.
6. Emergency Response.
 Emergency preparedness.
 First aid.
7. Safety and Health Training

For more information on safety auditing services and safety consultant services, contact Caltha LLP.

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