Caltha LLP provides expert environmental diligence services across Minnesota. We understand that due diligence requires a great deal of experience and a broad knowledge of environmental liabilities and environmental impacts. Therefore, Caltha only assigns our most experienced staff to conduct environmental due diligence and review.

Hazardous Chemical Spill to Sewer Outside Manufacturing Plant

Hazardous Chemical Spill to Sewer Outside Manufacturing Plant

Clients and their legal team use Caltha to provide fast and reliable environmental due diligence assessments. Due diligence tasks can include any combination of All Appropriate Inquiry, Phase I ESA, corporate liability evaluation, off-site liability assessment, and regulatory compliance audits. We help the due diligence team to determine what tasks are appropriate for the transaction. We also help interpret the results to determine if issues need to be addressed before closure, or can be handled through purchase agreements, environmental escrow accounts or other means.

Companies going through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures rely on Caltha to provide high quality technical support to address environmental liabilities. Caltha will also assess facility closure requirements and develop a Facility Closure Plan for tasks needing to be completed to close out operations, including terminating permits, closing waste storage areas, removal of tanks, etc.

Typical environmental due diligence tasks Caltha completes include:

  • Pre-acquisition environmental walk-through
  • Phase I ESA
  • Environmental Health & Safety compliance audit
  • Permitted equipment review
  • Waste Handler, waste hauler, waste disposal facility audits
  • Permit termination, permit transfer
  • Facility closure
  • Phase II site Investigation
  • MPCA no association letters, no further action letters
  • MPCA Voluntary Investigation and Clean-up (VIC) support

Caltha LLP | Your Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation Partner

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