Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Phase 1 Environmental Assessments, Transaction Screening, Records Review With Risk Assessment, and Phase 2 Limited Site Investigations
Client: Regional Bank
Location(s): Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa

Key Elements: Phase I Environmental Review, Transaction Screening, RSRA, Phase II Studies

Overview: Caltha is a preferred provider of environmental due diligence services to this regional bank. Caltha performs numerous Phase 1 ESA (ASTM E 1527), Transaction Screens (ASTM E1528) and Records Review With Risk Assessment (RSRA) for the multiple branches of the bank each year. Many of these assessments are conducted to meet environmental review requirements of the US Small Business Administration (SBA) which also require a SBA Reliance Letter. Depending on the results of the preliminary screening assessments, Caltha also performs Phase 2 Environmental Site Investigations and advises the bank on potential lender liability protections available through State agencies.

Contaminated Soil From Improper Used Oil Drum Storage identified during a facility environmental inspection

Contaminated Soil From Improper Used Oil Drum Storage


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