If you need your assessment to meet the ASTM standard, then the “environmental professional” you use will need to provide documentation that they meet the specific qualification requirements contained in ASTM E 1527-13. The ASTM specifies the professional qualification, education and experience needed to qualify as an Environmental Professional. Most banks and government agencies will require that the Phase 1 be done in accordance with ASTM E1527, and therefore the person preparing the report must meet these qualifications.

Poor Maintenance Of Flammable Waste Trap Results In Leaks

Poor Maintenance Of Oil-Water Separator Results In Leaks


Different organizations and lenders may have additional requirements on who can conduct Environmental Site Assessments they will accept. For example, the Small Business Administration (SBA) requires that the environmental professional has a minimum of $1,000,0000 professional liability insurance, in addition to meeting technical qualifications.


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