The second most common question Caltha receives (after “How much is a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment?“) is “How much is a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment?“.

The most common answer is zero. Because a Phase 1 environmental assessment determines if a Phase 2 assessment is needed, we will not know if a Phase 2 is needed until after the Phase 1 is completed. Fortunately, the majority of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments do not identify issues which require a Phase 2, therefore there are no costs for a Phase 2.

Oil Spills and leaks can be Released Under Building At Floor Seams

Oil Spills Released Under Building At Floor Seams


If My Phase 1 Identifies Issues, What Does A Phase II Environmental Cost?

A typical Phase 2 will be in the range of $3,000 to $6,000. However, what needs to be included in the Phase 2 will be determined by the findings in the Phase 1 report. If there are extensive issues identified or if testing requires specialized equipment, the cost can increase.

550 Gallon Used Oil UST Being Removed From Former Auto Service Station

550 Gallon Used Oil UST Being Removed At Former Service Station


What Comes After A Phase 2 Environmental Assessment?

A Phase 2 will generally look for the presence or absence of contamination on a property. If the presence of contamination is confirmed, in many cases it needs to be reported to the State agency. The agency could determine that no further investigations are needed, beyond the Phase 2. If any further investigation or cleanup is needed, it will be done in accordance with agency guidelines or with agency oversight and approval.

Commercial and Industrial Waste Dump Identified During Phase I Environmental

Unpermitted Commercial Waste Dump Identified During Phase I Inspection

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