Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Phase 1 ESA For Gas Station With Leaking Tanks
Prospective Buyer 
 Pensacola, Florida

Key Elements: Phase 1 Site investigation, Tier I Vapor Encroachment Screening Assessment, ASTM E2600-10, Gas Station, LUST site

Overview: Caltha LLP conducted a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for this property located in Pensacola, Florida which is an active gas station with old leaking tanks which had on-going remediation.

The focus of the environmental assessment was to determine if the on-going LUST site cleanup represented Recognized Environmental Conditions and potentially impact the future use of the property.

The Phase 1 environmental also included a Tier I Vapor Encroachment Screening Assessment conducted in accordance with ASTM Standard E2600-10. The screening assessment determined which, if any, could be a potential soil vapor encroachment risk for the property being assessed.

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