Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Site Investigation of Oil Releases From Waste Oil Storage
Client: Facility Owner/Operator
 Minneapolis – Saint Paul Area, Minnesota

Key Elements: Soil and Groundwater Site investigation, Groundwater sampling, Soil sampling, Soil Vapor Sampling

Overview: Caltha LLP conducted a Soil And Groundwater Site Investigation for this commercial property located in the suburban Minneapolis – Saint Paul Area. A Phase 1 assessment had determined a higher risk for leaks from a used oil storage tank located on the property.  A limited site investigation (Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment) confirmed that petroleum releases outside the building had occurred from this unit.

Spills and Leaks on floor In Former Oil storage Tank area

Spills and Leaks In Former Oil Tank Room


The release on the property had been reported to the MPCA and the Owner entered the MPCA Petroleum Brownfields Program to obtain a leak site closure letter. The site investigation was to define the magnitude and extent of the release and to identify any other contributing sources. The work included further soil borings, soil and groundwater sampling, and subslab soil vapor sampling, all done in accordance with MPCA guidance documents.

Lube Oil Storage Tanks and Dispensers

Fresh Oil Tanks and Dispensers


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