Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Site Remediation For Redevelopment of Former Gas Station
Client: Redeveloper
Location(s): Minnesota

Key Elements: Site investigations, Response Action Plan, Oversight of corrective actions

Overview: This former filling station was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was planned to be demolished to construct a new mixed used retail/restaurant building. A Response Action Plan (RAP) was prepared by Caltha to address potential petroleum impacts associated with the former use of the property that might be encountered during excavation activities.

Historical Map Reveals A Previously Unknown Gas Station On Property

Historical Map Reveals Old Filling Station On Property

During excavation, it was discovered that the building had been constructed on top of an ash waste dump. Caltha quickly prepared a supplemental RAP to address removal, handling and disposal of the lead-contaminated ash during excavation and got the RAP approved through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Voluntary Investigation & Cleanup (VIC) program. Caltha coordinated all waste analyses required to gain waste acceptance at a disposal site. Ash was removed from the site and redevelopment of the property proceeded as planned.

Leaking Fuel Tank And Fuel Pump Contaminates Soil

Leaking Fuel Tank And Fuel Pump Identified During Facility Inspection


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