Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Cleanup of Unlicensed Dump
Land Trust

Key Elements: Site investigation, Cleanup Work Plan, Waste removal, Asbestos abatement, Site restoration

Overview: Caltha LLP was retained to conduct initial site investigation to determine waste characteristics and volumes for this private landfill site. Caltha then worked with local solid waste agencies to get a Waste Removal and Disposal Plan approved and to conduct waste characterization to get approval for final disposal at a permitted landfill.

Caltha then oversaw waste removal and disposal for the site, with special attention to segregation of recyclable materials and items prohibited from landfill disposal, including lead acid batteries, free liquids and tires. Due to the presence of asbestos containing materials, some limited asbestos abatement was required. Once wastes were removed, confirmation sampling was conducted to determine if further soil and groundwater remediation was required. Once completed, final site stabilization was conducted to accommodate future site development.

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Photo of Dump Site Prior To Cleanup

Click below to see video highlights:
Dump-Landfill Site Clean-up Project

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