Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Groundwater Investigation/Contaminated Well Investigation
Client: Wood Products Facility
Location(s): Minnesota

Key Elements: Community water supply well standards, Groundwater investigation, Contamination source investigation, Well head protection

Overview: Caltha was retained by this large wood products facility to investigate reported contamination on an on-site water well which had been used as a source for potable water. The well was regulated by the Department of Health, and in a recent inspection and testing of the well, regulated VOCs were detected at concentrations above State Drinking Water Standards. Caltha conducted an initial survey of potential sources of VOCs located upgradient to the well. Although several sources were investigated no releases were detected. Upon further investigation and inquires it was determined that pavements near the well had been sealcoated just prior to testing of the well. It was determined that the sealcoating contained the same VOCs detected in the well by Department of Health. All subsequent testing of the water from the well did not detect any of the VOCs. The wellhead was upgraded to prevent any further migration of contaminants from the surface.

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