Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Environmental – Safety Compliance Audit
National Industrial Corporation
Manchester, New Hampshire

Key Elements: EH&S audit, LQG, hazardous waste treatment permit, air permit, hazardous material storage, wastewater permit, hazard communication, SPCC

Overview: Caltha LLP conducted a multimedia environmental, health and safety audit of this industrial facility located in New Hampshire. The scope of the audit included:

  • EPCRA hazardous chemical storage reporting
  • Hazardous waste management – Large Quantity Generator
  • Hazardous waste treatment permit
  • Current air pollution control permit
  • Current industrial wastewater discharge permit
  • TSCA
  • Tanks
  • Hazard communication
  • DOT Hazardous material transportation
  • Groundwater remediation permit

The audit was led by a IIA-certified professional auditor.

PCB Capacitor Storage Drums Examined During RCRA Compliance Audit

PCB Capacitor Storage Drums Examined During TSCA Compliance Audit


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