For many organizations considering developing a formal Environmental Management System (EMS) or becoming registered under 14001, two questions asked early on are:

  1. What will it cost? and,
  2. How long will it take?

To answer these questions, many organizations will conduct a quick assessment of their current status, called a Gap Analysis. The Gap Analysis is a low cost assessment which can usually be completed in one to two days. The Gap Analysis produces an inventory of existing programs which could be used in developing the EMS. The Gap Analysis evaluates these programs to determine if changes will need to be made, and to what extent, in order to conform to the ISO 14001 standard.

The Gap Analysis is typically formatted as a checklist of questions addressing the various elements of the ISO 14001 standard. Based on the results of the Gap Analysis, the organization will understand the areas where improvement will need to be made, and can then do basic resource planning to determine the optimum strategy to move forward, including cost and schedule.

Caltha LLP provides expert technical support to organizations wanting to improve their EMS or to become registered under ISO 14001. One of Caltha’s key services is help organizations conduct their Gap Analysis and resource planning. For more information go to ISO 14001 and Environmental Management Systems Services page.


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