In Minnesota, the Pre-Renovation and Demolition Rule (Minnesota Rule 7035.0805) applies to all structures and persons engaged in the renovation, moving and demolition of structure, or portion of a structure. This includes residential homes, recreational, government, agricultural, commercial, industrial and other structures of a relatively permanent nature. The Pre-Renovation and Demolition rule also includes demolition by burning for the purpose of disposal only where it has been authorized by law or for fire training.

The intent of Minnesota Rule 7035.0805 is to ensure that items present in structures such as hazardous materials or other items that are prohibited from being deposited in a landfill are removed prior to the commencement of renovation or demolition, and that those materials are disposed of or recycled properly.

Typical categories of hazardous materials include:

  • mixed municipal solid waste, household hazardous  industrial solid waste or hazardous waste
  • major appliances
  • mercury containing items
  • chloro fluoro carbons (CFCs) containing items
  • poly-chlorinated bihenyls (PCBs) containing items
  • oils
  • lead –containing materials
  • asbestos
  • radioactive waste
  • other materials that may be prohibited from disposal at the facility intended to receive the renovation or demolition waste

Caltha LLP conducts pre-demolition and pre-renovation hazardous material surveys across Minnesota to assist property owners and contracting in complying with the the Pre-Renovation and Demolition Rule. Typical services include:

  • Pre-demolition Hazardous Material Survey
  • Lead-based Paint Survey
  • Asbestos Survey
  • Material testing
  • Determination of waste disposal options
  • Waste tracking
  • Application for waste generator site identification number
  • Application for hazardous waste generator licience
  • Review of hazardous material handling procedures
  • Contractor Health & Safety Plan (HASP)


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