Annual SWPPP Employee Training For Minnesota Manufacturing Facility

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Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Annual SWPPP Training For Food Sector Facility
Food Sector SIC 20 Facility

Key Elements: Stormwater training, Permit compliance, Stormwater BMPs, Employee training

Overview: Caltha LLP was retained by this food manufacturing corporation to prepare and present annual SWPPP training, as required under the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency multisector general stormwater discharge permit. The training includes all required elements for employee training in the discharge permit:

  • Overview of Discharge Permit
  • Components and Goals of the SWPPP
  • Stormwater Monitoring
  • Monthly Facility Inspections
  • Other Tasks Required By Permit

Training was presented to all affected employees by a qualified SWPPP trainer.

For more information on Caltha LLP EH&S Training services, go to the Caltha LLP EH&S Training Page


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