The Iowa DNR is proposing to create a new air quality construction permit option called a Collection of Air Permits (CAP). Current construction permit practice is to issue one permit per emission point. The new CAP permit option will still assign a permit number to each emission point but will consolidate requirements in one permit document.

VOC emissions Often Require Spray Booths To Included In Facility Wide Air Emission Permit

Spray Booth Included In Facility Wide Air Emission Permit


Several changes have been proposed to the CAP based on comments received during the first CAP comment period in January 2016. Additionally, the CAP was modified to be consistent with the recently updated standard permit format.

Once finalized,  applicants will be able to request the CAP option on the Form FI when completing their requests for a permit and will also be able to combine existing permits into a CAP. An applicant might request a CAP to:

  • Organize permits with emission caps over several pieces of equipment into one permit document
  • Combine permits for emission points/emission units often modified together
  • Combine emission units with multiple emission points into one document
  • Combine all emission point/emission units in a “project” or “process”
  • Combine emission points/emission units with the same federal requirements


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